If you’re moving to Florida from Nashville, Tennessee, then you’re well aware of the big transition you’re about to make. Whether your move is to pursue your education, raise a family, or retire in the sun, there are several things you should prepare for as you begin your journey to the Sunshine State. At Apex Moving & Storage, we want your transition to be as smooth and stress-free as possible. Some things to keep in mind before you move include:
  • Real Estate Costs: Let’s face the facts – living in Florida, especially the Miami area isn’t cheap. A four-bedroom house will cost more in Florida than it will in Nashville, so try to downsize if a more expensive property isn’t within your budget.
  • Warmer Weather: Depending on where you move in Florida, a large part of your winter wardrobe may not be necessary.  Go online to a website like weather.com and look up the average monthly temperatures for your new city. In any case, be prepared for heat!
  • New Hobbies: If you’re looking for a new hobby or a fun way to enjoy the outdoors, Florida is the place to go! Boating is a major pastime in the Sunshine State, and if you’re near a beach or coral reef then scuba diving or snorkeling is a welcome way to spend the day.
  • No State Income Tax: You’ll still benefit from no state income tax when moving from Nashville to Florida, but other taxes will likely vary. Consult with a professional to enact the best financial plan for you and your family.
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