Did you know that 40% of all food in the world ends up in landfills? That’s nearly half of all edible food going to waste! While there are many factors to blame, one major contributor may surprise you: moving.

When you think a little more about it, though, it’s not that surprising—especially if you’ve ever moved before. By the time you get to moving day, you’ve gone through a lot. You’ve probably sold your home, bought or rented a new place, packed all of your belongings, chosen a moving company, cleaned and cleaned some more, arranged your utilities, set up mail forwarding… 

So when moving day finally arrives, you simply may not have had time to spare a single thought for your food. Plus, cans of food are heavy! It’s unlikely that you have extra energy or space for them. So, if you’re like many of us, the food gets left behind or even thrown out.

This inadvertent waste is very common—but it doesn’t have to be! To prevent the needless waste of food and contribute to a worthwhile cause, Apex Moving + Storage has proudly partnered withMove for Hunger, a 501(c)3 non-profit that’s dedicated to fighting hunger across the United States.

Instead of throwing away your non-perishable items, let our Nashville movers take care of them for you! It takes no extra effort for you, and you can rest easy knowing that your uneaten food is going to families who really need it.

To join our fight against hunger, all you have to do is:

  1. Set aside your unopened, non-perishable items like pasta, dry beans, peanut butter, and canned meat.

  1. Let our residential movers pick your food up and deliver it to local food pantries.

That’s it!

Helping local families—and lightening your load while moving—has never been easier. With over 32,000 children in Davidson County facing food insecurity, your participation can make a real and lasting difference for a family near you.

For your upcoming residential move, we hope you’ll join Apex Moving + Storage and Move for Hunger. To learn more about our participation in this program or to discuss your residential moving plans, give us a call today or complete our quick online form!